In 2015 and 2016 Health For All adopted the BRA ART EVENT as our annual fundraiser.

The BRA ART Event was originally created to raise funds and awareness for women’s health, specifically breast cancer detection and prevention.  Health For All does so much more. We wanted our  fundraiser to be more inclusive and reflect all of our patients. So in 2017 we expanded the event to include hats and introduced HATS OFF TO BRA ART!

We did not have a 2018 BRA ART EVENT.

Now it’s back…

Hats Off to Bra Art will be featured at our annual fundraiser:  Dancing for the Health of It! 

You can see them now on display at The Village

from 3/18/19 through 4/5/19

We thank all our artists for their Hats Off to Bra Art entries.


You can see these original works of Health Couture (Either HatArt and / or BraArt) at the Village.

 We will also be sharing the beautiful photography of our BraArt and HatArt entries thanks to

Michelle Wagner-Yeatts and MWY Photo Services.


100% of the proceeds will help Health for All meet the health needs of the Brazos Valley.

  That’s right – every dollar raised stays right here to help local men and women in need.  


For more information call us 979-774-4176 or email [email protected]